Four Pillars of the Key Master Super Hero Code

PROTECTION: With the highest level of integrity and expertise, we protect our clients from certain dangerous situations, malicious and criminal intent, faulty and misrepresented equipment, and generally poor workmanship
PASSION FOR PUZZLES: It’s the never-ending craving for solving problems that make the locksmith’s job fulfilling. It’s that same drive that ignites learning and growing as a master locksmith. They must find the answer to the riddle within that small space where lock and key connect.
PRIDE: Pride in quality. Pride in service. Pride in family.
PURPOSE: As Superheroes, our purpose is clear – to answer the riddle of the lock.

Our Super Hero Family

DOC BISHOP – Founder/Master Locksmith
JUSTIN LYONS – General Manager/ Master Locksmith
KIM ELROD – Store Manager
TIM HARRIS – Lead Field Technician
EDEN FLANDERS – Apprentice Technician
CRAIG KENNEDY – Apprentice Technician


Started in 1980, The Outlet Key Shop has always been a family-focused business. Not just those in the company but those that call themselves clients are also considered family. They value the Golden Rule above all. It’s the foundation for how they do business. “Treat others like they want to be treated.” They have received many accolades over the years for their exemplary customer service.
Owner, Doc Bishop has always challenged the status quo. As a Master Locksmith, he has boldly pursued his career in locksmithing. He has also been a huge advocate for locksmith standards and practices to shift the industry toward accountability and to protect customers from fraud, theft, and other criminal activities.