Our Story

How Our Super Hero Family Came into Being.

Our story begins at a dinner table, perhaps much like yours. It’s a familiar place where the activities of the day are reported around the table. The phone rings, it’s an emergency. Someone has left their keys in the house and the door has locked behind them. There is no way in without the help of a trusted locksmith.
The phone rings. “Hello”. A muffled, frantic voice on the other line explains the situation. “I’m on my way”. The young son seeks to understand why his father must leave and voices his discontent. You see son, the father explains, that was a lady on the phone who is locked out of her home. It’s cold and She has no way in unless I go and help her. The son, with a light in his eyes, exclaims – so you’re like a superhero! The father, sitting back for a moment contemplates the comment. In his mind, he retraces the day’s activities. A woman in an isolated parking lot had left her key in her locked car – in comes Outlet Key to save the day. A man needing to replace a key from his father’s antique Camaro came to him that day desperately needing a replacement key – job complete. And now this family locked out of their home.
The father leaned forward, face to face with his small son with a grin and a wink of his eye said…. “Yes, that’s exactly what daddy is, a superhero.” And out the door, he flew to rescue yet another family from certain peril, or at least the inconvenience of a very late dinner.


Knoxville Location
3619 Western Ave
Knoxville, TN37921
(865) 523-4541

Maryville Location
815 E. Broadway Ave.
Maryville, TN 37804
(865) 675-5444

Our Super Hero Finds Others That Share His Code

With tenacity and purpose, the Outlet Key Shop family has grown substantially. After 35 years of rescuing “Knoxvillians”, Outlet Key Shop expanded to Blount County and has become a staple in both the Knoxville / Lonsdale and Alcoa / Maryville Communities. Now they protect and serve their customers all over East Tennessee and soon the country. Providing expertise and exceptional customer service wherever and whenever needed.  SEE OUR TEAM